This is a protest page! We're a group of girls that got quite angry about the growing propaganda to surgically "improve" the female genitalia. Don't get us wrong: we're not blaming any woman for her conscious, informed decision. If you really want labiaplasty, go ahead. It's the alliance between porn and the medical industry we're opposed to. It's about their campaign to sell us the perfect labia. Here we try to raise a voice against it!





Keep calm and love your labia!



Dr. Vajajay's Business of Medicine

Dr. Vajajay's Business of Medicine from New View on Vimeo.

Dr. Vajayjay will show all you enterprising doctors out there how to succeed in the business of medicine by Privatizing Those Privates!

A spoof training video to problematize the growing industry of ***cosmetogynecology***. Made in support of the New View Campaign - SEX FOR YOUR PLEASURE, OR THEIR PROFIT? -

Director: Nick Carew
Writer: Rachel Liebert
Producer: Rachel Liebert
Executive Producer: Leonore Tiefer
Associate Producer: Michelle Leve

Michael de Nola - Dr Vajayjay
Shannon Coffey - The Woman Prop
Jason Simba - Assistant Steve

Editor: Nick Carew
Graphics: Daniel Ward
Music Composer: Steph Brown
Director of Photography: Nick Carew
1st Assistant Director: Rachel Liebert
Sound: Steph Brown, Daniel Ward
Costume and Make-up: Michelle Leve, Steph Brown
Set design: Rachel Liebert
Production Assistant: Michelle Leve

Special thanks to: Tatiana Godoy, Amber Hui, Alyson Spurgas


Body enhancement through female genital cosmetic surgery creates ethical and rights dilemmas

From the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics:

Female genital cosmetic surgery is surgery performed on a woman within a normal range of variation of human anatomy. The issues are heightened by a lack of long-term and substantive evidence-based literature, conflict of interest from personal financial gain through performing these procedures, and confusion around macroethical and microethical domains. It is a source of conflict and controversy globally because the benefit and harm of offering these procedures raise concerns about harmful cultural views, education, and social vulnerability of women with regard to both ethics and human rights. The rights issues of who is defining normal female anatomy and function, as well as the economic vulnerability of women globally, bequeath the profession a greater responsibility to ensure that there is adequate health and general education—not just among patients but broadly in society—that there is neither limitation nor interference in the decision being made, and that there are no psychological disorders that could be influencing such choices.

Joanna M. Cain, Cheryl B. Iglesia, Bernard Dickens, Owen Montgomery (2013): Body enhancement through female genital cosmetic surgery creates ethical and rights dilemmas, International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, 122 (2), page: 169–172

  gynecology & obstretics

Love your vulva! She is you!

Uniquely beautiful and unlike anything else in this world!



Girl Talk: I have long Labia!

I’m not sure when or in what context I first realized that I have long labia. Maybe it was that teasing comment from an ex boyfriend, oh, seven years ago. Maybe it occurred to me at some point when I was watching porn and noticed that mine looked different. Maybe it was in the shower, as I haphazardly shaved my pubes into just a tuft. It was absolutely before I got my first completely bare wax, though having a hand mirror suddenly placed between my legs — so I could inspect the results — certainly made the point hit home. It was definitely in the last 10 years, though I’ve only made it a part of my self-deprecating comedy routine in the last five. Hey, if you’ve got long labia, you might as well joke about it.



But to be honest, and maybe this isn’t a surprise, I’m actually kind of insecure about it. I want to feel good about the way I look and, for the most part, I do, in part because there is plenty of outside messaging that tells me my straight teeth, slender physique, clear skin, etc. is considered conventionally attractive. (I’m not saying you need to be/have these things to be “attractive,” just that these are the qualities we’re told since birth are attractive and can inform how we view ourselves. And being told you’re attractive is also not necessary to being/feeling attractive. I digress.) But the messages being sent about what makes for a pretty vulva are less obvious; with the exception of hair removal trends, there aren’t three-page articles in lady magazines touting how to make your vagina/vulva* look its best or hide its flaws. And yet I’ve always felt distinctly aware that my long labia were not an asset.

For starters, I’m straight and have therefore not spent a good deal of time looking at other women’s labias. Most of the ones I’ve seen have been in porn, and let me tell you, they are compact. If porn star vagina is like a fresh, unopened rose bud, my junk looks like the blossom that’s been sitting in a vase on your kitchen table for a week, where a slight draft sends the petals scattering. Do porn casting directors request crotch shots in addition to headshots? They must. There goes my second career!

I have seen a few real vaginas in the flesh and luckily, they made me feel less alone. I have a couple of friends who are just as eager to discuss their ladybusiness over bottles of wine, which resulted in a drunken labia comparison competition late one night. The particulars for judging such a competition were pretty simple — we dropped our drawers, pulled our flesh down to full extension and eyeballed it. I came in second. I’ve never been so excited not to win.

Not sure if you have long labia? Chances are you don’t because when you do you know. Usually it’s the inner labia — the labia minora — that makes for a fat monkey. Small-to-medium labia stay all neat and tidily stored within the folds of the outer labia (the labia majora); long labia cannot be contained! They dangle, like a chicken’s waddle. If you’re so inclined, you can tuck ‘em in, but they find their way out. Tricky tricksters.

I may be a feminist, but I am not immune to ridiculous body shame. Hell, I don’t even encourage dudes to go down on me. When an ex-boyfriend left me for another woman, not gonna lie, one of the thoughts that ran through my head was, I bet she has smaller labia than I do. I’ve written before about how I had to go to great lengths (sorry, pun) to become comfortable with my vagina. I still feel a little stressed every time I introduce it to someone new. Does it smell okay? Crap, I should have gotten a wax. What if he doesn’t know what to do with all this skiiiiiin and gives up? What if he think it’s ugly and never wants to see me again? Yeah, screw him, but oh my god, how embarrassing.

Aside from being teased about my labia by a longtime boyfriend — and by the way, I didn’t mind his teasing — no one I had ever slept with had remarked upon them. Maybe because they thought it would be rude? Or maybe they didn’t notice. Of course, I know intellectually I shouldn’t care what a guy thinks about the way my vagina looks; any guy who does care, who would have his attraction to me be negatively impacted by the way my vagina looks, is not worthy of getting near my lady petticoat again. But still.

If only having long labia resulted in better pleasure; alas, aside from getting in the way sometimes, they seem to make little difference in sexual enjoyment. They’re just there. You know how the fast food chain Wendy’s has square burger patties? That always bothered me because it’s like, what the hell am I supposed to do with the overhanging meat? Eat it, I guess, but it’s superfluous. Do I really need the extra corners of meat? Having long labia is sort of like that although I’m feeling a bit regretful of comparing my vagina to a fast food burger. But you get my point. I wish my long labia could be used for something besides being the punchline of a TMI joke at my own expense. Luckily, however, I love a TMI joke at my own expense, so in that sense, having long labia has always been worth it.

It turns out that long, large labia are having a bit of a moment. A new Tumblr blog called the Large Labia Project has been getting some attention for featuring user submitted photos of their own plump lady flowers, along with testimonials about the shame and, yes, pride they’ve felt about them. The blog’s founder writes that the blog all about “showing the beauty of large, long, thick, fleshy vulva.” Hell yes! I like the sound of that! For starters, vaginas are like snowflakes — no two are alike. While all of the vaginas on this site have medium-to-large labia, that’s basically all they have in common. Clicking through all the photos, it became incredibly clear how silly it is to worry that my vulva in particular would stand out as any weirder or uglier or even prettier than any other vulva. It is what it is; it’s a part of me. While I don’t think I’ll be submitting a photo of my labia anytime soon (not that I would tell you if I did), I commend those women who have for reminding me not so much that my vulva is beautiful — I’m not quite there yet — but that it is special. It is mine. And I wear it well.

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Show the world your not ashamed of your body!

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Labiaplasty and Female Genital Cutting: Not So Different

The Australian "Tharunka"- Magazine put out a nice article about how labiaplasty relates to Female Genital Cutting. In the end they are not so different after all. Of course it makes a difference if you perform surgery on non-consenting minors or on adult women, but ultimately its often done for the same reason: beautification. To put it in their words: If all motivations are stripped to their rudimentary reasoning, female genital surgery in and out of the West both stem from an identical basis. And it gets problematic if women in western societies grow up with the wrong standards. Do these adult women really always know what they are doing? When the ask for surgery to correct what seems to be "freakish", when in fact it is totally normal. I thought I was a freak and I was desperate for him to never see me naked. Now I’ve had it (labiaplasty) done and I now know what a ‘normal’ vagina looks like, I wish I’d not wasted the $4500 getting it done. I was actually very ‘normal’ all along. I’m so bitter and angry with society that myself and other girls are being caused so much psychological damage for something that is completely unnecessary.”

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Say it loud, say it clear...

vagina is beautiful

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Success - but keep on rising!

one billion rising

One Billion Rising has been a great success! But seriously, that should be only the beginning. But what it tells us is that we can make a difference if we stand together and act together:


Vulva Libertad

We started the ''Vulva Libertad'' initiative to convey an image of normal - not pornified - vulvas. It seems like an evil game, if average people reveal their genitalia, our hypocrite society gets all exited. But when the capitalist porn industry is producing an avalanche of ''beautified'' (i.e. amputated) pussies, no one seems to care. So we made the first step, and stop hiding those parts that society wants us to hide. Let's challenge the porn monopoly. Now on our Flick account. This is a grassroots project! Get active, join in! If you want to help, send you picture in.


Get active - help us to spread the word

We uploaded two flyer on the Flick account, that you can download and do post wherever you like. Post it on your block, print it and post it in the streets. Feel free to do whatever you like.



New Flickr account

We just opened a Flickr account. Visit us here:

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